Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Having fun...


I know it has only been a few days but I am already completely hooked on pilates. I find it to be so much fun and I am a huge fan of working out with the girls at lunch. I am super stoked to do it everyday... and when I move to the island I really hope I can find a cheap class somewhere (maybe even at VIU) so that I can keep it up. I never thought that it would be possible for me to be the kind of person who enjoys working out but the more that I do it the more I like it. I think that the dream of being a fit surfer girl might actually come true... and that gives me hope. Hope that my life has the potential to turn out exactly how it appears in my dreams.  I am not expecting it to just happen or to just fall into my lap, I am fully expecting to have to work my fucking ass off actually... but to know that if I try and if I actually do the work, my life could be even more amazing then it already is... how fucking wonderful is that?

I know that lately my posts have just been incoherent rambles about my daily life but honestly...I am so excited to get away from this place and start over in a new place that I don't even really care about this blog having no purpose... the only reason I keep posting is so that I can remember stuff and so that when I actually do give this blog a purpose and start posting all the time people can look back and think whoa this girl was a terrible blogger. I'm not too concerned about it... I know that I will eventually step up my game... and honestly when I say that I really mean when I move... and this blog will become awesome... I have a bunch of ideas rolling around in my head and I am pretty excited to get the ball rolling but I just can't find the time right now. I work for so many hours during the week (at a job that sucks the life from me) that when I finally get home I do not want to worry about doing anything other then working out, eating, getting high, journaling, and watching tv/ movies. That is my life... and at this point it is all that my life can be. I am making this promise to myself though... I promise to continue to think and plan out how I want this blog to be, I will give it a purpose, and I will have a schedule made up by May 1st, 2013 and I will for sure start regular posting when I get back from South America in July. That should give me enough time to plan out something amazing and totally me. I refuse to be anyone else though... so this blog being "me" is all it really can be. Sooo...look forward to that haha.

Anyway... the plan today is... Work... hopefully for only 11 hours... I would love to be gone by 8:00pm tonight. 
Work out tonight... if I get home before 9:00pm that is... I don't like to work out after 9:30.
Watch some Homeland... I am a fan of this show.
Smoke some cannabis... most likely haha
Sleep... a lot!!

- Tomorrow I am starting a new tattoo so look forward to seeing some pics of that :)

Much Love

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