This will be a page where I put some of the poetry that I have written.

A red film descends
Covering everything in a haze
of pure rage

How could this happen?
Who could possibly
treat one of their own
like no more then a piece of dirt.
Stubbornly stuck
to the bottom of their shoe.


I am a living, breathing, and feeling soul
My feet are connected to the earth
The mother reaches up and comforts me
She sends rain to wash away my tears and sorrows
And sunlight to warm my heart
The trees whisper sweet nothings in my ear
And the flowers bring joy.

What could YOU possibly give me
Now that the mother has extended her hand
To pull me into her unfaltering embrace
Her love is unconditional
Your love... Is fake.

You hurt me
You bring me sorrow
You try to buy more affection
I want to love you.
For you are my mother in body.

But she is my mother in spirit.
The earth is my home
The soil bore me
The mother shelters me.

My soul will die without her.
My soul will die with you.

The rage will not go away
I will see red
Until the day I finally break free.