Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What is Life?

Gorgeous Hippie Goddesses!! Today is the day...

No I'm just fucking with you... today is actually not really a day of any kind of significance. It is just another Tuesday. I woke up, came to work, and now I will stay here until around nine tonight. If I get out on time I will go hang out with Christy. That is basically the story of my daily life. Soon... soon I will be gone from this place and living in a new city... in a new province. I am so excited /scared. Change is a scary thing...

Anyway... just wanted to pop in and say HEY!! One day... maybe I will have pictures to share... maybe

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These are my top six must check out everyday blogs. I would love to chill out and smoke a joint with these lovely inspiring ladies!!

Much Love

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