Monday, September 17, 2012

Life is so weird...

Hey Hey... I am going to start things off with...

MAGICAL KITTY...Okay okay.. I found a new app... that I fucking love


I am in the mood to just drop everything and move. Right now. I am so fucking ready to drop this entire facade of bullshit normal life that I have been sucked into for the past five years. I have been too afraid to do what I wanted and I allowed myself to get sucked in by the paycheck. No more!! I am going to start over... I am going to do whatever I want. Dress however I want. Get high whenever I want... oh wait... I do that anyway. Regardless... I am going to stop being afraid of being who I want to be. I am going to stop being afraid of change. I can do this. I can be everything that I want to be... I can do anything.

I am also excited to move to a more liberal place. Yes there are a few awesome people in Calgary... but I don't go out in the city very often so I don't get a chance to meet them. Nanaimo will be different. I will actually live with my best friend which will make everything in my life so much easier... seriously... everything. There will be new places to explore, new spots to discover, new people to meet, I will live in a port town... on the mother fucking ocean!! Words can not express how much I need to live near the ocean!! I fucking love the water... I am actually planning on taking deep sea diving courses when I get out there. Man alive... I am so stoked.

Unfortunately I will be writing about how excited or how scared I am for the next 2 1/2 months... because seriously... I AM DONE WORKING AT MY SOUL SUCKING SHITTY ASS MOTHER FUCKING JOB IN 2 1/2 MONTHS!!! HOLY FUCKSHIT!!! YAY!!! what's been happening...

- I bought Christy this hookah for her birthday. It's the first time she's ever owned one and last night we decided to mix weed in with the sheisha (which I had never tried) and let me tell's fucking great. I love how high I got in such a short amount of time with such a small amount of weed. BEST. SHIT. EVER.
I kind of want to make it a regular thing... and by kind of want what I am really saying is that this has now become a daily thing. It will be constant... and I am perfectly okay with that.

- My two newest pictures. The first one I am not a huge fan of and the second one took me like 5 minutes because I was testing out a theory. I can't wait to finish the one I started last week because I have a funny feeling that it is going to be awesome. I love what I have done so far and I think about it all the time. I want to spend all of my time working on it actually. Which reminds me... I need new sharpies, clear paint that glows under a black light, and paper that looks like the night sky... try and picture what I am going for lol OH...and wax crayons. Ahh... I just want to work on it right now... stupid job getting in the way. 


- I can't wait to get another one... I am going to be so inked by the time I am done. Next one... October 27th . WHOO!! My next one will only take one appt... so I am excited to go in and come out with a completed tattoo...cause this one took 4 months.

So yeah...  I want to move and I want more tattoos... and I guess I want to be some kind of artist right now.

Much Love

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