Monday, September 24, 2012

The smell of the leaves...

I find it very difficult to be productive on a Monday. I just want to do nothing all day... but unfortunately I must be a member of the work force and show up at 8:00 ish in the morning. Sad face :(

Oh well... Pretty soon I will be working a job that will not pay anywhere near as much as I make now... but it will be in a new location. SO STOKED lol I just want to move right now!

This weekend was so chill... I actually didn't do anything productive at all. I worked and slept and watched movies. It was a nice change of pace. I usually have a to do list a mile long on the weekends that Christy works, but not this time. My plan was to do nothing... and for the first time I completed my entire to do list.

- It was so beautiful outside. I love the smell of Autumn. So crisp... It is just wonderful.

- Speaking of Autumn... now that there is a definitely crispness in the air... it has got me thinking about fall fashion. Now I am by no means a fashion forward kind of person, but one of my goals for this year (and every year after this year lol) is to stop being so damn lazy and actually put an effort into the way I dress... I want the way I dress to reflect who I am as a person. I don't want to be embarrassed when people look at me. I just want a stranger to see me on the street and go "Whoa... that girl is a hippie chick."
So I have been looking through Polyvore and dreaming about oversize sweaters, patterned tights, short dresses with long sleeves, moccasins, boots (lots and lots of boots).


- I think I love the vest the most... I probably should not buy one though... once I have a vest in my possession  I wear it...EVERYDAY!! It's a problem lol

I dream of tights

- I love the polka dot over the knee socks... best shit ever.

fall boots

- Every fall I dream of the perfect over the knee boot... this one might be it!!

- So yeah... fall fashion... planning needs to happen :)

And to end today's post... MORE GINGER CUTENESS

Much Love

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