Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wow... I just disagree.

Alright... I read an article today that I absolutely have to comment on.
Sparkly nail polish, Katy Perry, and frozen eggs: Meet the Woman-Child.

WTF... Are people seriously wasting their time writing bullshit about how women who decorate their nails, like cats, have games nights with their friends, and go and see the Hunger Games instead of What to Expect when you're Expecting are less worthy of societies attention then a more mature woman. Who says that mature women can't watch whatever the fuck they want or dress however they want.
I know that I am not yet at the level of comfort I hope to one day achieve where I wear whatever I want and don't give a fuck... but to the women out there who live to please themselves, who dress and act the way that they want to... I SALUTE YOU!!! If we are going to be classified by some scared "mature" publication, then we need to fucking own it.

If you are interested in reading the sad little article here it is... Sad little article

Much Love

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