Thursday, July 5, 2012

It is Thursday....and that is somethin...

Bonjour Gorgeous Hippies!!!

I am feeling off today... I don't quite know why or how it happened, but it did. I just want to sleep... and not wake up for about a week. I feel drained and sad and worried and all jumbled up. It is not something that I I really need to do something to elevate my mood. Getting new weed would probably help... the stuff that my guy gave me last week is crap! I hate it... nothing happens and to be honest it makes me kind of nauseous. I am glad that this is a very rare occurrence because I love my cannabis! Also... I need to spend make sure that I get a decent amount of sleep tonight... If I don't I am going to be a wreck come Sunday... Karaoke night and drinking fun tomorrow, a little acid and no sleep on Saturday, followed by shopping and probably a movie on Sunday. I am hoping to squeeze in a decent amount of time outside in as well.

Ramble ramble ramble

I actually have a BRILLIANT IDEA for Saturday night... Christy doesn't like it so it probably won't happen BUT... There is a giant dinosaur at a car dealership down the road from my house... that I think would be great to steal haha. It would be so fun to walk down the road totally wrecked and attempt to take a giant dinosaur... hilarity would ensue!! We would fail at it anyway and probably end up taking tacky Jurassic park pictures anyway haha. Nevertheless... it would be a good time! I will be sure to post all of the pictures that I take if we do in fact attempt to steal it :)

More rambling...

I am going out with my Daddy tonight. I am pretty excited cause it has been a while since we have done a father/daughter movie night. This will also make me happy!! Then I am going to annoy the shit out of my dealer to get me better weed... I am seriously bummed about the shit I currently have...

Sorry about the lack of coherence... my brain is all fuzzy due to the sadness and frustration


Much Love

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