Saturday, June 30, 2012

Siiiigggghhhhhhhh Life

Hola Gorgeous Hippies!!!!!

I can't believe it... It is almost July!! Which means it is almost SHAMBHALA!!!! I am so damn excited... I can't believe it! I have so much stuff to do and plan... it is hard to not get overwhelmed and just do nothing.
I think I can do everything if I make sure to write it all down... and set small specific goals for myself.

1. Take more pictures!! I have a blog... I love taking pictures... I love the memories... but I am too lazy to take my camera with me. That needs to stop.

2. Hula hoop at least 3 times per week. I want to be able to take my hula hoop to Shambhala and actually hula hoop... in front of people. I want to have some form of talent.
3. Practice poi...  For the same reason as above. At least once a week.
4. Do not eat fast food at lunch anymore. This is a big one... not only will it be a bit healthier but it will also help me stick to my busget more effectively.
5. Start planning Peru!! I really need to get my ass in gear for this one... I hope that I can afford it... but it honestly might be better to just go to Mexico or Jamaica for a week instead... I need to be able to afford to move after all.
6. Paint one of my big canvas'
7. Start and finish the snowflake method for my novel.
8. Clean my entire house top to bottom so I can start going through all of my junk.
9. Stick to my budget!!
10. HAVE FUN!!!

What are your goals??

Much Love

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