Thursday, March 8, 2012

Well, Tis Thursday...

Hola Gorgeous Hippie Goddesses!!

So I went grocery shopping on Sunday. For the first time in a long time because I need to make some changes to my eating habits. I want to stop buying fast food at lunch time so my goal was to buy easy lunches that I could bring to work with me. Also I want to test out eating breakfast and attempting to cook a couple of my own dinners during the week.
So for one week of meals I bought...

5 apples
5 peaches
4 bananas (these were green so I thought I would get one less so that they would have a chance to ripen)

3 frozen dinners
2 mini cans of tuna with crackers
1 bag of carrots

1 box of organic granola bars
1 bunch of celery (to eat with peanut butter)

2 potatoes
2 portabello mushrooms
1 small package of cheese
2 peppers
1 jar of pasta sauce

Not bad hey... I got all of that (and a movie I definitely didn't need... but loved) for 60 dollars. I usually spend three times as much on shitty fast food and restaurants during the week, so this has the added bonus of saving me some money.

The only real problem that I have been having with this new approach is dinners. I have remembered to bring breakfast and lunch to work everyday this week, and I have even remembered to eat them. Dinners however are much more difficult to orchestrate. I have to actually go home and cook and then clean up the mess I made while cooking. It is such a pain. I mean I obviously could just buy the same things I eat for lunch and then eat them for dinner as well. It is an option but it isn't necessarily the healthiest option. I want to include more real foods in my diet. I want to eliminate processed foods completely actually... I know that is going to be extremely difficult but I want to do it anyway.

This is my problem... I want to do a million different things with my time and my life. I write them down... I even make awesome completely workable plans to follow in order to succeed, and then what do I do... NOTHING! Laziness... it is the one thing I have major problems dealing with. What can I say... I love just chilling out and watching a movie or going and hanging out by the river. I enjoy what I do with my time already, which is why I think it is so difficult for me to add anything new or different. Why fix what isn't broken right?
I need to look at it as I am enhancing my life not changing it. Adding new activities and habits can only improve the quality of my life (or I guess it could teach me a valuable lesson). I need to start small... like I have with my diet. I am not going to beat myself over the head because I am having trouble with dinners. I haven't eaten fast food for lunch all week...and that is a huge accomplishment for a  fast food addict like me.

Baby steps are all that are needed at this point. I need to remember that... I am slowly making positive changes to the way I eat :) Finally!!

I know this post kind of rambled and veered of topic a bit, but... I am cool with it :)

Also... check out Deliciously Organic ... There a few recipies in here I want to try :)

Much Love


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