Tuesday, February 28, 2012

When Shall I be Free?

Hola Gorgeous Hippie Goddesses!!

It is a lovely Tuesday morning. At least that is what I am telling myself. I am going to try and get rid of my negativity. There! I said it... I am a very negative, glass is half empty kind of girl. Which is a completely ridiculous way to live. I know that there is light and positivity in the world. I know that good things happen and that if I send good feelings and thoughts out into the universe that good things will happen to me. So why is it that I am constantly negative? Going on and on about how I need to fix the terrible parts of my life all the while ignoring the good things that I have. I mean really... I have a pretty damn good life. I have a few amazing friends, I love my family even though they think I am a crazy, dirty hippie who has stupid goals in life that they would never support. I make a decent amount of money right now that pays for the amazing trips I go on. I can afford to eat, sleep, shop, smoke, drink, and party. I have so many insignificant things in my life that would mean so much if somebody else had them. I take all of the little things for granted. I am grateful! The problem is that I do not express that gratitude. I just focus on how much I hate my job and how much I hate living in Alberta, I focus on these two issues to the point where I have blinders on. I block out the good in my life.

If you only focus on the bad, how can you say you have lived?

Don't Worry be Happy... A how to guide for pessimists (AT LEAST MY VIEW and what I need to do)

1. Wake up to a song you love. I am working on this one, and I say working on it because my first alarm is Shpongle... but my next six alarms are all super annoying beeps from my cell phone. I will say however... that once I realize that I am listening to Shpongle, those few minutes are awesome (until I press snooze and fall asleep).
2. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones. For example... " Fuck it is so cold today. I hate winter!!" could be replaced with "Snow is so beautiful." or " I am stoked to wear these awesome boots." ... You know anything positive is better.
3. Take care of yourself! This is a big one for me... I am not exactly a shining beacon of good health. In fact... I have my fair share of health problems that could be easily recified if I ate better and drank more water. Yes I drink a ton of water...after an acid trip... but other then that I tend to not really drink anything. Problems ahoy!! I am really going to focus on this one during March!
4. Actually smile!! Not just a tiny smile when you say hello to someone. Actually smile... at everyone. For any reason. It will lift your spirits immensly.

I know that these are only a couple things, and things that I definitely haven't figured out yet, but they will help once I get my shit together :)

So...yeah... that is what is on my mind lately...

Love and Starlight


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