Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Monday... So good to me...

Hola Gorgeous Hippie Goddesses!!

I am excited that it is Monday... only because it is the Monday of a short week!! That's right :) I am going on VACATION!!
I am leaving Friday morning and road tripping out to Kelowna for a long weekend and then heading back on Tuesday! Of course Christy is coming with me and we are going to party with a few of her friends (soon to be my friends too). I seriously can't contain my excitement... I kind of want to run through the streets screaming. It is going to be AWESOME!!!!!

Speaking of awesome...

- This is what Christy made me for my birthday!! Isn't it beautiful!! She incorporated so many thing that I love into one collage... LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

More awesome...

- HAHA... Take that :)

Now for the not so awesome...

- This was my view on Saturday night... I was so sick I did nothing but stare at the ceiling listening to Shpongle. (Oh and sending naked pics to a very stoned Christy lol)  I am getting very sick and tired or being sick and tired. Better now then next weekend though... I'll take it if it means I am better by Friday!!

So yeah... some awesome, some not awesome... it works for a Monday.

Love and Blue Skies


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