Saturday, January 21, 2012

I have figured it out...

Hola Gorgeous Hippies!!!

- If you didn't realize... I have figured it out!! I have finally realized what drives my terrible eating habits... It has only taken me for-fucking-ever!! I eat large portions of terrible food... get this... WHEN I AM LONELY!! I know that it is quite common but I never realized that I was one of those people.  Until this past year I had spent the majority of my time by myself. So I was lonely and bored...all the time! It is really no surprise that I ballooned up to 248 lbs... Seriously... 2.4.8.  I sat on my ass at home by myself scarfing down anything that came in a fast food bag or a convenience store bag while watching movies. So what brought on this revelation... I have spent the past two days house sitting for my cousin in the city. So I have spent the past two days alone (because of the distance and timing and VERY COLD weather I didn't go out)... and before I knew what was happening I was sitting on the couch watching a movie eating ketchup chips out of the bag and peanut butter cups by the handful, after eating a very large order of McDonalds. Before you even ask... yes I was stoned... but the munchies aren't nearly that bad! I was eating purely out of loneliness and boredom. There is NO excuse!! I can't continue to use food merely as something to do to pass the time (especially the nasty shitty processed food that I eat now).
Food should be purely about healing and nourishment and socializing. I want to feel good about myself and I want my body to reflect that. So what does that mean??? It means I am going to stop being such a pussy!! I am going to make healthy changes. I am going to be strong. I am going to eat what my body needs.
Not to say that I won't indulge a bit... because I can't change a lifetime of terrible eating habits all at once, but I absolutely can start.


1. Drink 1 glass of water per hour while I am awake. I am severely dehydrated and my hair, skin, weight, and attitude reflect that.
2. Do not eat anything past 8:00 pm. Ideally I want to stop eating 3 hours before I go to bed. I am trying to attempt to go to bed around midnight every night except for Friday and Saturday... I want some semblance of a normal sleep schedule... and I don't want to flood my body with shitty processed foods right before bed anymore. I want my body to work on repair and rejuvenation while I sleep, NOT digestion!
3. Eat breakfast. Even if it is only a piece of fruit. Anything is better then nothing... especially if I stop eating so early the previous day. I am going to wake up hungry.
4. Try and pack my own lunch as often as possible. If I have my own food I will have no excuse to go out and eat shitty, processed fast food...which in turn will save me quite a bit of money... Win win!
5. Try to incorporate as much vegetarian / vegan cuisine into my life as possible!

So yeah... That is the plan anyway...

Much Love


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