Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Monday...

Hola Gorgeous Hippie Goddesses!!

It is the start of another fabulous work week... BLAH. I hate this job... I hate having to conform to society's expectations of work work work... just to make money and live a normal life... Not that my life is normal, but this part of it is.

I had a very decent weekend, spent time with friends, lots of time with Christy, dropped some acid, and managed to do some laundry, tidy my room, write in my journal, and start a painting... Woot! I love it when the weekend is over and I can say that I accomplished something.

This acid trip was completely different then the last one... Christy and I spent a lot of the time just hanging out in my room (where it was warm) thinking... we were pretty much stuck in our own minds. It was awesome! I spent quite a bit of time dancing like a maniac at Shambhala (in my head lol) and thinking about my dream life. Which I am going to turn into my reality! I do not want to settle... I keep telling myself that I will never settle for a man, instead I am settling for my life. That is pretty fucking terrible! No more! I am working out exactly what I want to do with my life, and I am going to make it happen! I know: I sound like a broken record... blah blah blah don't settle... blah blah blah blah watching life pass me by... blah blah talking on and on and droning on in what must seem like a monotone... So for that I apologize. From now on... (actually... I am going to post my plan first but after that...) I will post about what I am doing instead about what I should be doing.

Now... I have a couple things on my mind...

- I absolutely love this picture!! I have a little (meaning HUGE) thing for dragonflies. I find them stunning and I really want to incorporate them into my painting in some way.

- I have found myself constantly dreaming about Tofino lately. I look at pictures and imagine myself living there. Who wouldn't want to... it's the closest thing there is to paradise in Canada! I think I want to move there... for a little while anyway. Before I head off into the unknown to have fabulous adventures with Christy :) Maybe this is where we can move to next year when we leave this place... I don't know... just a thought.

- I really want to go back to school... I am kicking myself right now for not going this year when I had the chance. I have set a deadline for myself... Go back to school by the time I turn 25. That gives me a little time to work out where I want to go and how I am going to afford it. I am thinking that I need to go in BC... for at least a couple years and then maybe I will be able to transfer to an overseas program. I haven't given up on it yet... which to me, means that I won't. One day :)

What keeps running through your mind lately??

Love and Warm Blankets


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