Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy Monday!!!

Hola Gorgeous Hippie Goddesses!!

I hope you all had a fantabulous weekend! Mine was ridiculously low key... I didn't do anything exciting.

- Now because I didn't do anything remotely worth talking about this weekend I am going to talk about the amazing time I had last weekend!! Christy and I decided to take her nephew and his girlfriend to Snowblower (which is a mini music festival type deal in downtown Calgary). While there some random dude came up and offered to sell me a little LSD... How could I refuse?? So I bought a couple hits to take home for Christy and I to take that night!! Seriously though... just thinking about that night brings courses of hallelujah into my head. It was a perfect night! We danced and laughed and imagined. We spent hours listening to Shpongle as we let it flow through our very souls. Aw man... it was SO DOPE!! Hahaha!
Then... we had the most perfect moment. I looked at the clock and realized that it was 4:20am! So of course, we smoked a joint. The time frame of that joint was so amazing! Christy smoked like a champ :) I don't really know what made it so perfect... whether it was the time or the lighting or the conversation or just the fact that we were fucked up on acid... but it was an amazing night!

- I know... More cat pictures haha... But look at how photogenic my darlings are!! How can you not just fall in love??

- Wow... Am I a hippie or what? The only thing I don't like about this picture is that you can't see my septum piercing. I want everyone to be able to see it!!  Also... My nose piercings are NOT as crooked as they seem in this picture... Not too sure what happened there.

- This is what I looked like on NYE... I was heavily intoxicated... IT WAS GREAT!!

So yeah... Awesome times, awesome cats, awesome ME!! Haha

Love and Snowdrifts :)


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