Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hello October!!

Hola Gorgeous Hippies!!

Can you believe that it is already October?? I am completely shocked by how fast this year has passed. It feels like it was just Christmas (I judge time by how close to Christmas it is...I am a child like that :) two days ago. I feel that the faster time goes by the more fun you are having... and I sure have had loads of fun this year (you know...except that whole arrest deal). This year so far has really made me realize that my happiness comes first... I want to live a life full of joy, and I finally am!! Sure there is room for improvement but I am moving in the right direction. SO...YAY!!

I know I just rambled on about how it's already October... but I am beginning to make plans for the rest of this year...and for next year!! I'm so excited...da da da da... and I just can't hide it...
But before I start in on my plans for next year... I should start by recording my plans for this year...

Epic Last Quarter Plans... and of course by "epic" I mean "Shit I want to do" :)

1. Movie Monday's - For the rest of the year (except today because I have plans) we will be choosing one genre per month and Shane, Christy, Krista, and myself will be bringing movies to my house to watch... it's cheap and interesting. Interesting because instead of watching movies that I pick we there will be a variety. :)

2. I am really looking forward to NaNoWriMo this year. For those of you who do not know what that is... It is National Novel Writing Month, and the objective is to write a 50000 word novel (but you can really write anything, novella, short stories etc.) in one month. So for all of November I want to write write write!! I have only participated twice before but I failed to meet the 50000 word  requirement both times :(
Still... If at first you don't succeed try, try again.

3. November 19, 2011 !!!! BASSNECTAR!! I'm really quite excited to go see Bassnectar when he comes to Calgary. All I need is a driver (well the driver will be long as he doesn't fuck it all up)  and some LSD ;)

4. CHRISTMAS SEASON!! Oh man!! Once Halloween is over my mind will totally be in full Christmas mode!! SQUEEEEEE!!! I'm basically a child when it comes to Christmas!!

5. I am actually planning on MAKING  a bunch of my Christmas gifts this year... I'm pretty excited about it!! I really wish I could put them up as I make them... but two of them read this blog...or used to back when I was consistent.

6. I really want to go to the Voodoo Halloween party that is put on by Motion Notion. There are some pretty cool people playing and it seems like such a good time. I want it to seem like mini Shambhala's are spread out throughout my year. :)

7. Frightfest!! I love going to the haunted houses at COP every year. Good Times!!!

8. I really want to go to the corn maze this year. Yep I do!!

9. Zoo Lights!! Christmas decorations @ the zoo... I AM IN!!

Yep... Well that is it so far... I'll let you know how things progress...

What are your plans for the rest of this too short year??

Love and Starlight


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