Thursday, October 6, 2011

Things I love Thursday

Hello Darling Hippies!!

It is quite dreary today my darlings!! It is very difficult to think up things that I love and that make me happy when I look out the window and see grey. Everything is grey and wet and downtrodden and sad looking... which really affects my moods. I'm not going to lie... when it is like this outside I have a very short fuse and things piss me off easily. With that being said... It is Thursday!! So here is a list of things that I love even with the gloom!!

- I am loving thinking about going on vacation. I really just want to relax on a beach, with the sun shining down on me, a beer in each hand, a good book, and a very minimal amount of clothing!! Christy's family might be going to Mexico in January or February and have invited me along. How awesome would that be :)
The last time I was in Mexico I went with my family and all I could think the entire time was... man this would be way more fun if I was with my friends. So yeah... Mexico with Christy would be awesome!

- This Post from the beautiful Elsie's blog. Seeing how my blog is quite new I really enjoy reading any tips that the more experienced bloggers have. It was so kind of Elsie to share her ideas :)

- I am almost done my community service!!! I decided to do my volunteering at the Calgary food bank and it really isn't that bad. I have met some awesome people and it feels really good to help out. I have to do a few hours today and then a few hours next Wednesday and that is it. I am definitely going to continue to volunteer there even when I am done. Not as often but maybe every other Wednesday would be good :)

- I might be getting a condo!!!!!!!! It is no where near definite but I already have my hopes up. It is in the same town I live in,  it has two bedrooms (so Christy can live with me), it is PET FRIENDLY, it has a wood burning fireplace, and the owner is willing to negotiate a rent to own scenario for me. AWESOME!!

- I know... this is the second time today that I have mentioned Bassnectar, but I mean come on... I get to go see Bassnectar in November!! SO EXCITED!!

- I am all of a sudden obsessed with bunting!! I think it is super adorable and if I did it right (and by right I mean the way I see it in my head) it would look totally amazing in any room in my house. This is totally a DIY that is going to happen in the near future!
- How awesome is that second picture!! That is Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky's Winnebago. She has done some amazing things in the brave and I have loved reading about her adventures. The decorating job is AH-MAZE-ING!! She is getting married soon!!! I'm am so happy for her!!

- Planning Christmas presents. I have to start this NOW!! I have quite a few people on my list this year.
I think that is it! Which actually isn't too bad... it's just that I have this mindset that I have to spend a decent amount of money on everyone... which should not be the case... but I still feel like a shitty friend if I don't spend a decent amount of money.

- My Kitties - Hot drinks on a cold day - Personal space heaters - Managing to stick to my budget for the past 3 weeks - Starting to plan out NaNoWriMo - Finding new blogs - Hunter S. Thompson - Thinking about having my own place - Shpongle - Weed - hilarious movie nights with Christy (Hello Pineapple Express) - New purses -

Well... I seem to have a pretty decent life :)  And I am very happy with it!!

What are you loving??

Love and Raindrops


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