Thursday, September 29, 2011

Things I love Thursday

Hola Gorgeous Goddesses!!!

It is once again Thursday!!! It's funny how that happens :) Time is just flying!!

Now let's get to it!! TiLT

- I know I put this picture up already... but I mean come on!! This was a bitchin sunrise... It was unlike anything I have ever seen before!! It almost makes me want to be outside early everyday... Almost!!

- Disarming Darling ... I am infatuated with this girl!! She is totally a hippie on an acid trip!! She's into psychedelics and has described the aesthetic of her past apartments as Freida on Acid and Surfer Goth... NICE!!

- Jean Greige ... Yet another blog I am currently loving!!! She is so quirky and awesome!! I wish I was brave enough to even attempt some of the things that she does!! That is definitely something I need to work on!!

-  I kind of love this picture I took of Christy's iTunes visualizer... Can you see the face??

- Isn't she beautiful!! I warned you... the cat pictures shall come forth :)

- I really like this picture that I took... (of myself) I don't know why... It's not like it's a very flattering picture, but I still really like it.

Little things that make me smile!!
- Having a TV in my room (YAY for movies in bed) - Autumn - Thinking about Christmas - Being cozy with all of my pillows and blankets and heating pad - Making budgets (I know I am lame) - Thinking about sleeping - BASSNECTAR IN NOVEMBER - Flux Pavillion - Shpongle - Goof Troop and we always stick together, Goof Troop best of friends forever - Driving

What are you Loving???

Love and Crunchy Leaves


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