Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Monday... So good to me...

Hola Gorgeous Hippie Goddesses!!!

Another beautiful weekend has come and gone, and now more then ever, I feel the autumn breeze. The sure sign that the seasons are changing. The leaves are turning yellow and being caught by the ripping winds to be thrown from the highest branches and tumble down to earth. Leaves are beautiful... from the very beginning when they first open up to greet the spring sunshine to when they bring joy to people by making delightful crunching sounds when they are walked on in the fall. Most people don't really notice... but I am not most people! There is nothing better then paying attention to the beauty of this wonderful Earth.

For Example...

Friday's Beautiful Sunrise

Pretty Owl

Yep... I feel as if that paragraph is a good way to start the week!!

So... A breakdown of my weekend...

Friday Night - I worked until midnight... which makes for a 16 hour workday :(   I can't bitch about it though because I did sign up for it... I just wish I was working 16 hours days doing something that I actually like... but no matter it is what it is.
Saturday - I worked 8- 1 and then went to Christy's house. We went and ate lunch while deciding what to do for the day. Hilarious comment of the day... "So Anie I bet the vegan in you really wants to go to Baconfest" HAHA yeah... we did not go to the actual event based on bacon. Thank the universe! I was so not prepared to go to that. So we spent Saturday bumming around and then going to the Cat & Fiddle for some karaoke!!
Sunday - I SLEPT!! WOOT WOOT!! Christy spent the night which is always awesome because that means we can wake & bake :) Then we went to the zoo!! I LOVE THE ZOO!! I mean I am obviously not really a fan of keeping animals locked up in cages with people who are not properly trained looking out for their well being... but that being said... I fully support the Calgary Zoo because of how much effort they put into conservation around the world. After the zoo we went back to my place to hang out and watch a couple movies (The Cell & The Mechanic).

So all in all... it was a good weekend!!

How was your weekend??

Love and Crunchy Leaves :)


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