Thursday, September 22, 2011

Things I love Thursday

Hola Beautiful Goddesses!!

I know I have posted already today... but I miss TiLT!! They are a weekly reminder of what is good in my life!!

-  I love my friends. The crazy one is obviously my darling Christy :) The awkward one is Shane! Stuff like this is a common occurrence. Sitting outside, getting high, and making retarded faces at each other. Christy totally OWNS at the weird faces. (And don't her boobs look FABULOUS!!! If you agree you should comment... because no matter how many times I say it, I feel like she doesn't quite believe me)

- I love this picture!! I just happened to point my camera up in the right place at the right time, and was rewarded with beauty.

- Instagram!! I finally downloaded it...and let me just say this... I LOVE IT!!! I love all of the filters and I love that it can make weird pictures that I take look fucking amazing. Seriously... the one above looks horrible normally... but now she looks like a statue...Awesome

- I know you just saw this photo... but yep... I LOVE my newest addition!!!

Little things that make me smile
- My cats - Shpongle- Saltillo - Hanging out at the bookstore - Cappuccino's - Finally cleaning my kitchen - Watching movies in bed - Buying new dresses - Smiling @ strangers - Realizing that I am being "eye-fucked" - Christy and I noticing @ the exact same moment that we were checking out the same person - Realizing that in a couple weeks my community service will be OVER!!! - Water - Planning trips -

What are you loving???

Love and Sunny Skies


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