Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'M BACK!!!!!!!

Hola Gorgeous Hippie Goddesses!!!!

I am back from my fabulous vacation, back from Shambhala, back to the real world. It was fun while it lasted and all I can say is....


Shambhala is truely the most beautiful and welcoming atmosphere I have ever experienced. It was home. Everybody is so kind and beautiful... at Shambhala you can be exactly who you truely are and there isn't a single person who will question you. Everybody is accepting and the entire place is a no judgement zone.

AWWW... I wish that everybody who reads this blog could experience the pure joy that is Shambhala!!

Now... Things I Love Thursday!!

- The Village!! This was one of the coolest stages at Shambhala!! It was a constant party with bass that changes your heart beat!! It was BUMPIN!!!

- My new lip piercing!!! I love piercings... A LOT...I'm already thinking about what I want pierced next... definitely the transverse lobes and I'm thinking that I want the other side of my lip pierced. Like a snake bite :) I keep telling Shane that he would look killer with a snake bite... but I would too :)

- HAMMOCKS IN THE FOREST!! Now I'm not a big fan of the hammocks with the bars at the end but I have yet to take a picture of Christy's hammocks so this was all I could find... Picturesque hey?? Christy and I spent a very large amount of time at Shambhala bumming around in hammocks... what a tough life ;)

- DAISIES!! Aren't they just the happiest flower?? I love them!! They are so beautiful and pure they make me smile just looking at them. I would love it if I was given daisies one day. Not that someone has to give them to me... I am perfectly capable of going out and buying daisies for myself  :)

- Palm Reading!! I am learning how to do palm readings and I am SO EXCITED ABOUT IT!!! I'm hoping to learn as much as I can and eventually be able to make some kind of living off of it... or just something to really intrigue and interest other people.

Little things that make my heart sing
- New Cats...I'm getting a new baby - New pictures bought at Shambhala - SHAMBHALA - Mushrooms mushrooms mushrooms ( Christy you are the only one who will get it) - looking at my friends gorgeous wedding photos - losing five pounds - "Did you see that guy? He looked like a condiment!!" - Life

What are you loving??

Love and Daisies :)



  1. I defy anyone who can look at the daisy picture and not smile- instant mood lifter! Thanks! xxx

  2. I completely agree!!
    Thanks for stopping by :)

    Much Love