Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy Tuesday!!

Hola Gorgeous Hippies

So... IT IS FINALLY HERE!!!!! SHAMBHALA TOMORROW!!! Cripes am I excited!!! So I will not be posting again until the 13th. It is a small break and when I get back I'll move right into the swing of things and be back on track.

So today I noticed that Elsie of A Beautiful Mess commented on my post on Thursday. Which is so sweet of her!! But it got me thinking... do I swear too much?? I mean she is so nice and kind and I can't imagine that it is very nice for her to read posts which use the word "fuck" (or some variation) numerous times. Is this weird? I mean I work for a trucking company and have for a few years so it is only natural that I have adopted the ways that truckers speak but should I tone it down on here?

I want this blog to be an accurate representation of myself, but I do not want it to offend anyone. I want beautiful hippies to come here and read something entertaining, or funny, or useful... grr...I don't know ...now I'm rambling.

Well...this sure is food for thought. When I get back from Shambhala I will decide what to do about this.

(If I decide not to swear anymore I want to get it in now!!)

Expect tonnes of awesomeness when I get back!!!

Love and Sunshine


  1. In my opinion what comes out of your mouth is part of who YOU are. this is YOUR blog. if she was offended by it she probly wouldnt be following you, so i honestly wouldnt worry about it. dont change you for anyone. Your FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks Rox :)
    That is pretty much the conclusion that I came to as well... I am not going to change my language unless it evolves naturally :)
    You are too sweet!!

    Much Love