Thursday, July 7, 2011

Things I love Thursday

Happy Thursday Gorgeous Hippies!!!

The week is almost over!! YAY!! I am so ready to catch up on some sleep!! I am on call this weekend though so it's not like I get a break from work. Still... I would like to spend a little bit of time with myself this weekend...We'll see how that goes :)

Now... On to TiLT!!!

- Books!! I bought all of these books in the month of June! Isn't that ridiculous :) I am afraid to add up how much this cost me. There's even two missing (They are in my purse).

- Road Trips!! This should not need any clarification :)

- Volcanoes!!!! These are pictures of the current eruption happening in Chile. Man Alive 2011 has been SO exciting geologically!! Yep I am a nerd.

- Having a clean livingroom. I do not know how I let it get so messy...but I feel like I am home now, as opposed to feeling like I'm in a strangers house.

Little things that make me smile
- Shpongle in 10 days - Green - planning budgets and to do lists - karaoke - my cat - Super hot summer days - sunshine - Fleece blankets (I live in a basement suite) - HARRY POTTER - HARRY POTTER - HARRY POTTER - My new job (I like it when I work) - earth card readings -

What are you loving??

Love and Summer Days


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