Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I dropped the ball :)

Hola Gorgeous Hippies!!!

As promised... (albiet one day late)... Mine and Christy's Saturday!!! We went on a hula hooping road trip to Lethbridge!! It was so much fun and I finally had a Jamie sandwich from Backstreet!! WOOT WOOT!!

The hitching post in High River!!

The air museum in Nanton!!

An awesome Fountain / park in Lethbridge!!

The best train bridge in Alberta!! Also in Lethbridge...One day I am going to walk across it :)

This is a Jamie Sandwich

The library bridge in Okotoks!

Yep!! Saturday was an Awesome time... right up until Shane ruined my get drunk plans... but still GREAT DAY!!

(I'm the one with crazy curly hair)

Love and Roses


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