Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July...

Hola Darling Hippies

I know that I live in Canada and July fourth means nothing to me... but I have at least one American reader so this is for you Sachi!! I hope you have an awesome Fourth of July...

Now.. On to my AWESOME WEEKEND!! Man alive do I ever have some fun times. Seriously...even with my recent arrest I totally think that this has been the best year of my life so far, and it will only get better from here. Life is SOOOOOO GOOD!!!

So... Thursday... I woke up with a cold... a very shitty cold but I still got out of bed and went to take Krista out for lunch. She needed to stop at the bank for a couple minutes first, which turned into just over an hour of me waiting (and roasting) in the car.  We had Vietnamese for lunch and then popped over to the used bookstore where I bought 5 more books. Thursday was concluded with the usual karaoke.

Friday... It took Christy and I quite a while to remember what we did during the day on Friday when we were asked about it on Saturday. How sad is that?? Well, we did eventually remember... We met Joe in the city for a "pick-up" (wink wink) and then decided to eat some delicious Mexican food for lunch followed by a quick perusal through Ikea. Then we headed back to Okotoks to get ready to go out. I wish I had gotten some pictures of how awesome we looked in our fucking ridiculously epic 50's dresses. We went to see this punk band called Black Earth (that I now LOVE) and then went to Republik, a club that actually plays dubstep (awesome!!!!!).

Saturday- I'm going to leave this for tomorrow's post. It was AWESOME...yep now you can wait :)

Sunday- I ran some errands, did a little cleaning, and then hung out with Christy at her sister's house (she is dog-sitting) We totally had a sleepover... haha it was so fun. I also made quite the discovery... Christy is definitely going to be the High chef when we live together. YUMMY!!


P.S. How awesome would it be to go here...

I don't think people are allowed in here anymore but it would still be awesome!!

Love and Crystals


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  1. Thanks for the shout out!! i had an amazing Independance Day. Lots of Drinking,Swimming, Beer Pong, and Ganja. haha

    Hope you had a great Canada Day!! Do you guys do fire works like we do?