Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Another Quote :)...and some shit I said...

Hola Gorgeous Hippies

You can tell that I am a nerd when I post brilliant things that other people have said instead of saying brilliant things of my own making.

"Yes, fantastic fiction can be intricately woven into the texture of our daily lives, addressing important issues in fabulist form. But it also serves to release us for a time from the definitions that confine our daily selves; to unplug us from a world that wounds and disappoints us, allowing us to venture into places of magic and transformation." - Clive Barker

This comes from the introduction of the 2001 release of Weaveworld by Clive Barker. One of my absolute favorite books of all time. It is just AMAZING!! This was the first book that I read that truly changed the way I thought and felt. It got into my brain and just took root allowing the many crazy and fabulous and unfathomable lessons to spread through my head. I have only read the book twice, but I constantly find myself thinking about it, I am still immersed in the Fugue... and I refuse to let it go.
Eden is everywhere, in our hearts, and minds, and souls, it is a constant light that shines from our very skin, if only we live with the love and compassion to allow others to see it. Everyday we can live in paradise, without even moving. This book has taught me that Eden exists and it is up to us to live in a beautifully kind way, to the Earth and to all of it's inhabitants, and when we do that... We will have arrived.

Love and Infinite Kindness


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