Friday, June 17, 2011


Hola Darlings!!

I found this on the awesome Boardwalk to Eden!! and seeing how I love to talk about myself (duh I have a blog) I decided to help her pass it along!!

name: Stephanie... but you all know me as Anie 
birthday: December 29th... yep four days after Christmas   
sign: Capricorn  
favorite food: kimbop... It is this DELICIOUS Korean roll kind of like sushi only ONE MILLION TIMES BETTER!!! YUMMY  
favorite drink: Rye and Ginger ALL THE WAY  
favorite color: Olive green and Violet  
favorite song this week: Someone to Love- Jefferson Airplane 
favorite outfit: I love wearing my dresses but if we are going by most frequent...jeans and a sweater  
hobbies: karaoke, blogging, reading, smoking, hula hooping  
guilty pleasures: Smoking is my guilty pleasure... but I love it... Is that right?? 
last dream you remember: Oooo... it is very naughty and we don't know each other that well yet.  
what comes to mind when i say cabbage: ROLLS 
have you ever met a celebrity: Nope... Almost though...  
favorite (new) blog: Seablanket AWESOME...I love her!!    
secret celebrity crush: Boy- Jay Barushel    Girl- Angelina Jolie  
favorite gadget: My SLR  
three things you can't live without: Oxgen, dihydrogen monoxide, snacks :)   
favorite harry potter character: SIRIUS BLACK...But the entire series is awesome and I love EVERYONE IN IT!!  
play any instruments: Flute and Clarinet... I'm planning on learning the guitar very soon as well 
best book you've ever read: Weaveworld by Clive Barker  
favorite quotation: "I was born to catch dragons in their dens, and pick flowers, to tell tales and laugh away the morning, to drift and dream like a lazy stream, and walk barefoot across sunshine days" - James Kavanaugh    The inspiration for my life 
favorite rainy day activity: Karaoke 
what do you do when you're stressed: I am WAY to mellow for stress  
favorite time of the year: Autumn  
tattoos: I have several in the planning stages...starting my sleeve in the next month or so 
favorite animal: ALL OF THEM 
crunchy or smooth peanut butter: Crunchy
foreign countries you've visited: Mexico, US, Cuba, South Korea
favorite candy: I loathe candy 
cake or pie: CAKE...Spice cake
favorite holiday: Christmas or May Day  
favorite flower: Daisy... they are just the happiest flower!! 

 Yeppers... I LOVE to talk about me. What would your answers be to these.

More Beauty On a Friday...

Love and Sunshine!!!!


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