Monday, June 20, 2011

I Need a Long Weekend...

Hola you Gorgeous Hippies!!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend filled with sunshine (if not in reality then in spirit). It was gloomy gloomy gloomy ALL weekend long. I was just drained...and I still am completely drained. I just want to curl up in my bed a sleep for a few days. :)
Obviously that is not going to happen because I am a "responsible" adult now and I must act like it. I have to go to work and be an active societal I shall bide my time until the day when I can break free of the ties that bind me to a normal life.


One day I shall stop being normal and stick to just being me... at least job-wise. I am already beginning to be myself more and more with each passing day. I am letting my inner light shine through the hard shelled exterior of my soul. As the light shines through the cracks are opened up wider and wider until the day comes that the light will shatter the shell completely and my true self will be out there for the world to see.

Anyway... It is another gloomy day (did I mention it's a gloomy day) so I figured that it would be appropriate to mention some of my favorite things to do on a gloomy day. Either to lift my spirits or to remain in the funk because I don't care what anybody says...sometimes it is just nice to let yourself sink for a day.

These are obviously personal tastes because some of them may seem ridiculous.

- Completely clean and reorganize my bedroom. (This is nothing but fun for me)

- Mix myself a drink and watch an awful (but actually awesome) natural disaster movie
- Give myself a mani/pedi
- Smoke some green (haha obviously)... then listen to Shpongle

- Watch an EPIC adventure movie and just be lost in it

- Lie down on my just made bed amongst my pillows with a good book for an entire afternoon
- Burn some incense and do an earth card reading
- Splurge on a Venti Cappuccino from Starbucks
- Take a nap (for a few hours :)
- Hang with Christy (We ALWAYS have a good time)

- Watch ANYTHING with Marilyn Monroe
- Karaoke with Krista, Christy, and Shane
- Sexting (HAHAHAHAHA)
- Go shopping at Tribal Connections or Bali Bling
- Go for breakfast / brunch with Christy

(I know I've used this pic before but I love it)

- Hula hoop in my basement
- Journal... just to write down anything and everything that pops into my head
- Switch purses :) I've got an extensive collection for a reason!!
- READ!! READ READ READ READ READ READ...I am a nerd... Reading is a must for me!!
- You know...I could
- Catch up on reading some of my favorite blogs
- Go for a walk down in the forest... (weather permitting)
- Play with my cat (actual cat...His name is Scout)

These are just a few things that I do to improve my gloomy days. When I have to work it is more difficult to remain upbeat but with some good music, good conversation, blogging, and internet surfing I tend to make it through.

What do you do on gloomy days??  Did I use the word "gloomy" too much?? HAHA

Much Love