Thursday, June 16, 2011

Things I love Thursday

Hola Darling Hippies!!

Wow two posts in one day how lucky are you!! This one is much less laborious then the last one :)


- The Forest!! The above picture is so beautiful and even though it is not the forest by the river in Okotoks it reminds me of the peaceful beauty of my forest :)
Serenity is on the menu :)

- Apocalypto!! This movie is so AMAZING!! It is definitely in my top five movies!! Which I find interesting because this will be the second Mel Gibson directed movie in my top five (with Braveheart being the other one). I do not care what the haters think...people say stupid shit when they are drunk and I am not going to ignore the incredible amount of talent that this man has just because of something in his personal life.

- Angelina Jolie's new ad for Louis Vuitton is BREATH TAKING!! She is just so stunning and the Cambodian landscape is gorgeous. Everything about this ad just makes my heart soar. (It also helps that Angelina Jolie is my number one actress I'd go gay for :)

- No piercing policy @ work!! Yay!! I can get my lip pierced. I already have a nose ring but I really want another facial piercing and am super stoked that my boss said that it would be fine.

- SeaBlanket- This blog is one of my new favorites!! I Love it!!!

Little Things that make my heart soar!!

-My darling Christy - shopping for rings - randomly looking up houses to buy - PAY DAY - Bouts of sunshine - Our spot - Planning my Summer - ONE MONTH TILL SHPONGLE - Not hating life anymore :) - random dudes asking me out - compliments - realising that my thighs don't touch anymore :)

Endless Love



  1. Hello Again,

    This is Sachi (Roxanne) the girl who sent you the hula hoop picture from Vegas. still loving your posts. Just wanted to drop by and tell you i launched my blog today. If you get time, check it out!! Talk to u soon.

  2. Hey Sachi (Roxanne)!! I'll be sure to check it out :)
    I'm sure I'll love reading what you have to write!!

    Much Love