Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wishful Thinking Wednesday!!

Hola My Gorgeous Hippie Goddesses!!!

I hope you have all had a beautiful and radiant week so far, and have let your inner hippies out just a little bit more. I know I have. In the short time since I have started this blog I have slowly been breaking free of the ties that have bound me to this body and this lifestyle that is not a fitting representation of who I really am...A badass hippie goddess.
In the style department I have been stacking on all of the rings that I love to wear. I used to tone it down and only wear a couple on each hand but now... 10 rings total on nine fingers... HOLLA lol. I have also been wearing more dresses and skirts when I go out... I haven't progressed far enough to be able to wear them to work without being completely self conscious but I am heading in the right direction.
In my everyday life (outside of work) I am definitely living and acting like the hippie that I am quite a bit more then I used to. I am totally one of those stoner hippies who goes and smokes weed and hula hoops and dances to Shpongle in the forest by the river. Just connecting with nature and I fucking love it!!
I even find that as I express more and more of my inner hippie I start to be really vocal about the issues that affect our mother and what we can do to change our fate and heal the earth.
I also find that I burn quite a bit more incense now :) Awesome!!

So that is my progress... Now onto WTW!!!

Summer clubbing hippie

This is what I think would be an ideal summer clubbing outfit. It doesn't seem very hippie-ish to some but I think it has just enough elements of hippie to be awesome. I would love to own this entire outfit. And that awesome ass dead chick ring... Fuck where can I get one of those right now!!! I love it!!

Office Hippie

This yet another office hippie outfit. I spend six days a week at the office so it is imperative that I find a way to create a large amount of awesome hippie outfits that are made with pieces that can be transformed into going out outfits. Even though this one I could totally wear out at night... Thank goodness I work in a slack office when it comes to wardrobe.   :)

I really need to start saving up some money ASAP so I can start buying a bunch of awesome ass clothing that mirrors what I am going for in a bunch of these posts. I already have the rings (but I am going to find the dead chick ring) and a bunch of dresses but other then that I am completely devoid of awesome hippie clothes.

What do you guys think?? Not enough hippie?? Awesome??  :)

Love and Magic


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