Thursday, June 2, 2011

Things I love Thursday


We are nearing the end of the work week and I hope all of you gorgeous hippies are making awesome plans for the weekend. I am pretty much booked solid for the entire weekend and I am so okay with that :)
The best part of this weekend... I am no longer the designated driver!!! WHOO!! Shane has his license back and I get to get DRUNK on Saturday! I am fairly excited.

It is time for another things I love Thursday so I am about to shower you with all of my current loves!!

- I am totally loving volcanoes right now (haha when am I not) but I have been thinking quite a bit about actually going to school to study them. I love them dormant I love them active I love them extinct. I have only wanted to study volcanoes... my entire life that is what I have wanted. I just don't know if it is what I want right now... Still even if I don't go to school right now... Volcanoes are the shit!!! They showcase the true nature of this beautiful planet.

- I love my oracle cards. They are so in sync with me and know exactly what I need to read to lead me in the right direction. They usually give me answers that I already know but am unwilling to acknowledge until the answer is right there. I do at least one reading everyday and it is FAB U LOUS!!!

- The Lilac Festival. I seriously had so much fun at the Lilac Festival. The people, the atmosphere, the weather. It is truly a festival made for hippies! I spent so much money on awesome things and I met some awesome people. This will become an annual thing for me for sure!!

- I know this won't come as a surprise to anyone who reads this... but MAN ALIVE I still LOVE hula hooping. I just want to hula hoop all the time and practice all the time. Unfortunately it has been raining like nobodies business for the past week and now that it has finally stopped it is fucking muddy. Still... I can't wait to pick up the hoop again and just have a blast!! (P.S. Isn't Liv Tyler just a gorgeous lady)

- Late night walks by the river. It is so peaceful and beautiful to sit on a log and watch as the sky darkens through the tree tops and then make the treacherous walk back through the forest in the dark :) There is nothing better then being connected with nature and feeling the spirit of the earth soak up through your feet and into your heart and soul.


-Shpongle- incense - looking at the stars - my best friends - not being the designated driver anymore - my rings - my life - my summer plans - hearing my cat purr - being warm and comfy under the covers in the morning - hearing our workplace mascot jingle down the hallways - this blog - Bob Marley - breathing - Cappuchinos

What do you love??

To end TiLT... I leave you with this inspiration...

Love and Sunshine



  1. Anie love... today I rang through a customer who was wearing a shirt that said "Peace, Love, and Sunshine". It made me think of you.

  2. Haha... That is awesome!! I love it when random things make us think of each other :) You know cause we are fairly awesome!!