Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hypocrisy at it's finest

Hola my beautiful hippie goddesses!

It is Tuesday!!! One of my longest work days and also MOVIE NIGHT!!! I am so excited to go and see The Hangover 2 tonight, I know it is going to have the same plot as the first one but I also know it is still going to be hilarious. Win!!!

I obviously am going to the movie not the soundtrack lol
I just like this picture

Alrighty... today I am going to continue to write about my hypocrisy. Hello my name is Anie and I am a hypocrite... I don't know what to do about it either. I eat meat and cheese and ice cream and milk chocolate... on and on. The thing is I know that I am lactose intolerant... to such levels that I should eliminate dairy from my diet...and I know that eating meat is the completely wrong choice for me and for the environment. I've wanted to take the plunge and go vegan for years now... but I don't. It's kind of ridiculous that I don't just do it.
What it boils down to is that I am so fucking lazy. It is pretty much impossible to find vegan fast food and I hate having to actually clean up after myself when I cook...so I don't (well that and I am never home to cook). I could just sit back and hope that I meet a gloriously handsome vegan chef who by some miraculous occurrence decided to marry me and feed me for the rest of my days, however the chances of that are extremely slim.
So it is up to me. Just like it always has been. It is my choice to either remain as I am... eating shit that is slowly killing both myself and the earth, and trying not to bitch about it... or, I can suck it up and finally make some changes in my life. It's not like I don't have the knowledge to be vegan... I'm the only meat eater I know who is addicted to buying and reading vegan cookbooks.

So... the pros and cons of going vegan....

- There is nothing but good things in regards to my health that would result from going vegan
- I would no longer be contributing to the ruthless slaughter of animals
- The earth would be so thankful
- I would feel more like myself
- I would have to learn to cook
- Increase in vegetable and fruit intake
- No more tummy aches
- I would finally be showing that I care
- I would no longer eat fast food

- I would have to learn to cook :)
- I would have to clean up after myself once I did cook
- Eating out with my friends would be very difficult
- I would no longer eat fast food
- I would have to deal with all of the assholes (awesome assholes but assholes none the less :) at work being douchebags about it

Hmm... Obviously the pros outweigh the cons.... but the biggest hurdle of all is overcoming how fucking lazy I am. I should just do it... If I committed to being vegan for thirty days and posted my successes and failures on here... maybe that would be the kick in the ass that I need to follow through.
God my whiny indecision must be making anyone who has read this entire thing want to rip your own eyes out :) Sorry but it is a topic that I ponder pretty much on a daily basis.

Any input??


1. My ability to forgive myself
2. I am fucking hilarious
3. My back...sexy back
4. My curves
5. My work ethic
6. My ability to put important things first
7. My grey eyes
8. My taste in rings
9. My inner hippie
10. My soul

Love and Sunshine


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