Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Hello My darling hippies,

I meant to have this post up way earlier in the day but work got a hold of me and I completely forgot about it :) that's what happens when you blog from the office. (Not that I'm going to stop lol)

So... I have been thinking about all of the things in life that I really want to accomplish and as I allow more of my true self to shine through all I can think about is living in a hippie van with Christy just moving from place to place and just living. It is basically my new dream which is hilarious because the chances of this dream coming true do not just rest with me but also with Christy. Life has a way of happening when you are busy making other plans, and these plans are very easy to get sidetracked from. Also... I want to be able to travel all over the world and experience new cultures and live amongst new people. It is very difficult to travel the world when you live in one place one day and another the next. However... I am going to make everything work out. I know for a fact that Christy and I will always have each other even if we don't live in an awesome hippie van together :)

So yeah... my life is changing and flowing and moving in a million different directions that will one day converge into this epic path of love, light, earth, spirit, and beauty. I am ready for it!! I am accepting of it! My life will end up exactly as it should.

And that was all I had to say today :)

Love and Bubbling Creeks


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