Monday, June 6, 2011

Happy Monday!!

Hola My Gorgeous Hippie Goddesses!!!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend filled with delicious hippie goodness. I know I sure had a wonderful time.

Let me break down my weekend for you...
Friday night- I picked up Christy and we went for a walk in the forest by the river (this was at 10:00pm and it was still light out :) It was beautiful and serene and awesome. We listened to Bob Marley as we walked and had a little green too ;) After our walk we headed to Grand Central for some yummy food and entertainment in the form of karaoke.
Saturday- I worked in the morning the went home and curled up in my warm bed for like six hours :) I finally forced myself to get up and get ready to go out. I was picked up at 9:00pm and we (Christy, Krista, Shane, and myself) headed to the Cat & Fiddle to enjoy some more karaoke... This is where the shit hit the fan. Fucking Shane forgot to let us know that he didn't have a photo ID because he just got his licence renewed. We got carded...and had to leave... Mother Fucker... I was pissed. I had been looking forward to getting drunk ALL WEEK and then we have to leave the bar. It was frustrating!! So we went downtown to Moxie's where I downed a couple Bellini's (DELICIOUS) and ate a Portobello and Swiss cheese sandwich on naan bread with roasted red peppers (HOLY SHIT YUMMY). Then we went to my place and watched A Goofy Movie. Yep the night didn't turn out exactly how I hoped but I still had a good time and still had some green :)
Sunday- I slept... until like 2:00pm... then I got up and went shopping. I bought three pairs of shoes and four little cover up things/ sweaters. Money I don't have top spend but seeing how I can't do laundry until my dryer is fixed and I loathe laundromats I will buy clothes until I can clean some. Then I went to my parents house for dinner... then I picked Christy up from work and we went walking by the river. We found the GREATEST spot...awww man it was awesome. It was a treacherous walk to get there through mud and nastiness haha but honestly... one foot away from the water on the sand lying on a fleece blanket and listening to Shpongle. It was perfect. Christy and I are lucky that we found each other. We are friendship soul mates!! I love it..and her :)
Then the munchies hit and we ate Subway.

So yeah... that was my weekend. Pretty awesome and pretty uneventful (thank the mother that it was lol)

So last week some changes happened in the course of my life. As far as anyone who has read my about page knows my plan was to go to school in September. That is no longer the case. I allowed the call of the dollar sign to draw me away from the plan (Which I was having serious doubts about anyway). I was offered a promotion and a HUGE raise that I couldn't turn down. All I could think as the dollar signs flashed in my eyes was that I could save a shit load of money and in a few years when Christy is done paying off her student loans we can move away from here to some awesome country somewhere in the world and just experience life.
One of the reasons that it was so easy for me to say yes was that I have been doubting my reasons for going to school. I have wanted to be a geologist and study volcanoes since I was a little girl... but I don't know if I still want to or if I just can't let go of a dream that I have always had. Yes I still love volcanoes a lot. I still want to see them and experience them but I don't think that I want to do that from a scientific point of view. I am more in love with the spiritual and powerful nature of volcanoes (if that makes sense). Who needs a degree to study that??

So yes... changes are happening and hopefully they lead me in the direction that I hope to go :)

To end... I'm going to leave you with a picture of heaven... One day this shall be my reality!!

Isn't it just gorgeous!!!

Love and Sunsets



  1. What day was it when we looked at the old houses? That was awesome too... but I looooove our new spots.

  2. That was also on Sunday... We always have the best time darling!!!