Thursday, June 9, 2011

Things I love Thursday

Hola my Gorgeous Hippie's!!

You know what I have been thinking quite a bit lately... That I really want to buy a house. Not a condo or an apartment... but an actual house with a back yard and a deck and a garden. I am a nomad. I know that I will not live in Alberta forever (I actually can't wait to leave) but I will most likely be here for another five years, and I do not want to have to move every year for those five years. I want one place that I can call home for five whole years. I don't think that is too much to ask for. So with my promotion/raise I should be able to start looking for an awesome place of residence :)

Anyway... On to another awesome Things I Love Thursday... my list of Love!!

- I love Karaoke... It is such an awesome time. I get to sing, drink, laugh, and just enjoy the atmosphere. Sometimes I go twice a week... that is how much I love karaoke. I am truly blessed because my friends (well my main friends) also love karaoke :) They are all super good too... If I had to pick the best karaoker out of them it would be Shane... seriously he is awesome and he will sing anything...Fun!!

- The river and forest in Okotoks... I go down there everyday (weather permitting). It is so peaceful and so beautiful. Even at night. Sometimes (well all the time actually :) I will pick Christy up from work at 10:00pm and we will still go down to our spot by the river. I love the summer months for that! At 10:00pm it is still light enough to walk around in the forest and as it gets darker and darker we become acclimated to it and can still see when we leave an hour or two later.

- I love everything old school. The 30's to the 60's were an amazing time in entertainment. The movies from this time period are my absolute favorite and no amount of "incredible" technology and 3D crap is going to make me change my mind on that. Katherine Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe are two of my inspirations. Yes I am aware that neither of them are hippie's but I feel it is important to draw inspiration from many areas... They all tie together into the awesome ass hippie I am today and will be in the future.

- I love this entire process of figuring myself out. It is such an amazing journey and even if I trip and fall on my face during this journey (which I have already done once...Hello recent arrest) I am going to get back up and keep going. This is my life, mistakes and all, and I am going to live it my way!!

- I love going to Babylon. It is a hookah bar here in Calgary where there is delicious food and you can smoke some delicious sheisha. Yummy. I absolutely love going there!!

Little things that make my heart soar.
Finally being able to do laundry, waking up to find that my cat is curled up beside me, Shpongle, feeling the sun shine on my face, my hair blowing in the wind, spending time with Christy, forcing myself to get over my nerves, more Shpongle.

To end today... another view of paradise.

Love and Happy thoughts


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