Monday, June 13, 2011

Damn... Monday is back...

Hola you gorgeous Hippies!!!!

I hope you all have a glorious weekend filled with light and adventure :) I had quite an awesome weekend. I'll break it down for you... Just because I love to talk about my weekends :)

Friday- After finishing work at 9:30pm I went to pick up Christy and we headed to my house to watch Apocalypto. We got super baked first and then watched it because it truly is a feast for the senses (Good phrase Christy ;) Unfortunately I got a call and had to head back to work at 2:00 am so we couldn't finish it. That was the most upsetting part of my weekend.
Saturday- I woke up and went to work at 8:00 am and then picked Christy up at 12:30 pm to go get some delicious food from Cora's. Yummy the eggs benedict and the spinach crepe were both DELICIOUS!! After we headed to this small town called Black Diamond that has a store called Bali Bling. I bought two new rings and a hand painted box that is fairly awesome and a knit hat that makes me look like a douchebag but somehow I still love it. Then we went back to my place to get high and finish Apocalypto followed by picking Krista up and heading out for a pre birthday sushi dinner. After dinner we went back to my place and got ready for Krista's b-day party at Cat & Fiddle for karaoke. I got drunk!! It was the first time since April and it was so much fun!!! Let me tell ya I'm not an alcoholic but I sure would like to be sometimes HAHA!! I got home at 3:00 am in bed by 4:30 am and then...
Sunday- I was woken up at 6:50 am because there was a problem at work. I think I was still drunk at that point...but no matter... I worked then went back to bed. Once I finally got up I went to get Christy (haha yes her again... we see each other everyday and have yet to get sick of it) and we went to buy new pipes at Bongs and Such, then headed to the mall to do a little shopping and back to Okotoks to chill in the forest by the river for a naming ceremony. Haha that just means we got high and named our pipes. It is very sacred. Dinner was Subway on my couch, then we got high and watched Sanctum. All in all this was a very good weekend.

Today is a list of my essential summer activities... I usually am very meh about the things I do at any time of year... just making sure to fit into the norm and read a few books. Well not this summer!! I have things that I really want to do and man alive I am going to do them.

Summer musts!!!

- Go for a picnic at Sheep River Falls. (I have an epic picnic basket with awesome dishes in it)
- Go to the zoo (multiple times)
- Go to a parade
- Go tubing down the river
- Go Camping
- Go to Stampede at least once
- Go to Calaway Park
- Eat at Peter's Drive in
- Spend an entire day in a hammock (or a comfortable chair) down by the river with Christy and some green
- Go to Shambhala (obviously)
- See Shpongle (WHOO HOO)
- Grab some timbits and go to the airport to watch the airplanes land
- Make a new hula hoop
- Go antiquing in Nanton
- Drive to Lethbridge just to eat at Backstreet
- Go to Kelowna
- Spend an entire day wandering 17th Ave
- Go clubbing- Christy and I need to make this happen!!
-Take one picture everyday for all of July that encompasses the mood of the day
- Buy an obscene amount of awesome shit for mine and Christy future gypsy house / caravan ;)
- Get at least one if not two tattoos
- Get a couple new piercings

Wow... I should have written more down as I thought of them over the past couple months because this list seems way shorter then it should be. But still... YAY SUMMER

I am going to make this the best summer ever!!

Love and Daisies


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