Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Longing...

Happy Wednesday Darlings!!!

I'm going to make WTW an every other week thing... maybe...

Guess what!!! Today is my Friday!!!!!!!!! WHOO HOO I have a 4 day weekend!! This is very exciting because I usually only have Sunday's off so to have four days in a row off is a big deal!! I don't really have any plans though... I feel like I should be doing something epic for this momentous occasion. So Christy and I need to get on that... she has Friday and Saturday off :)

Now to change the subject...

So... I am a really mellow person. Everybody knows this, so I do not understand why people waste so much time and energy being angry or upset about things that do not work out the way that they are planned. I am a big believer in everything happens for a reason. If plans change they were meant to. (Krista this post is not a dig at you... I feel like I should clarify... it is just a general observation from numerous people and places in my life :) Even my arrest... It happened because it was something that had to. There was a lesson that I needed to learn from it. Which is why it was so easy to accept.
I wasn't always like this. As I let my inner hippie shine and begin to truly express who I am, I have become more accepting and able to go with the flow. I deserve everything that I get and the universe will give me everything that I deserve. If I put the positive thoughts and energy out there and act with love then the universe will return that to me. I guess that is why I can accept change so easily. Yeah... I guess I just do not understand how other people operate. me=mellow   other people=not mellow

And subject change again...

I finally got a usb for my iPhone so I can upload all of the awesome pictures that I take on a daily basis. Tomorrow I will post the bulk of the awesomeness... but for today I will end with showing you my mad skills.

This picture has not been photo-shopped in anyway. It's just my eye :)

See the double rainbow... and the MOON... the fucking moon... man this picture is SO AWESOME!!
I don't mean to toot my own horn but I've got mad skills...

Love and Starlight


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