Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy Monday!!

Hola Gorgeous Hippies!!

First things first... Court...was ridiculous. I honestly am surprised by how much time and money is wasted on something as trivial as a possession charge. This is how it all happened...

Christy and I showed up at the court house on time and waited in a hallway for the duty councillor to show up. When he finally did he brought us into the court room where we waited for our turn to go in front of the judge. We stand up and are given applications for alternative measures (community service) that we have to leave to fill out. Then comes more waiting...then a meeting with the duty councillor as he signs our applications as the witness. Followed by more waiting, then we are back in front of the judge as we turn in our applications. Now we have to wait for a letter in the mail to find out if we have been approved for community service (if not we have to go to trial) . In three weeks we have to go back to the court house with a letter from where ever we decide to do our community service stating that we have set everything up. Then we have to go back three months later to prove that we completed the community service, then FINALLY our records are wiped clean. WOW... it is so time consuming. Why can't we just get a slap on the wrist and be on our way?
It is a stupid charge and a lengthy process but when it is all over I will be very relieved.

Best quotes of the day at court... both from the lawyer..
" So now you know, do not smoke outside. You gotta smoke inside."
" If for some reason you have to go to trial DO NOT plead guilty. DO NOT under any circumstances plead guilty. NOT GUILTY!"

Alright we get it... NOT GUILTY.

So yeah... that was how my day at court went.. Now on to the awesomeness of the weekend!!

Friday was an awesome day despite the waste of time that was court. I ate the BEST chicken quesadilla of my life. Brie, chicken, dried cranberries, and toasted pecans. YUMMY!! Then Christy and I went to my house for some green, shopping at Tribal Connections for rings and incense. Then out to the Big Rock to climb and hang out in the sunshine. Vietnamese food for dinner (I love salad rolls) then a nap at my house. This nap happened to be like 4 hours long lol then to Grand Central for karaoke.
Saturday I woke up and went to work, drove back to Okotoks to pick up Krista, Aly, and my gorgeous sister Kate to go to the zoo, back to Okotoks to go to "Breast fest" a breast cancer fundraiser at our local bar. I ended the night early because I was quite tired.
Sunday I woke up and picked up Christy at noon to go hang out in downtown Calgary. We went to eat at Nelly's Cosmic Cafe (It is even more awesome then it sounds) and then went and spent all of our money at Blame Betty. I bought an awesome vintage style swimsuit that's pink with cherries on it, and an AH MAY ZING 50's style dress. My money is now gone but I don't give a shit because I now own an awesome swimsuit and dress. WIN!!

So yep... that was my weekend!! It was awesome...as always!!

Well... I forgot to hit "publish post" before I left work yesterday... So yeah... my bad

Love and Sunshine


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