Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wishful Thinking Wednesday!!

Hello you Gorgeous Hippie Goddesses!!

Welcome to another edition of Wishful Thinking Wednesdays. I find that I am always looking forward to Wednesday because it means I get to spend an obscene amount of time on polyvore, which I absolutely love.

Before I get down to it though... I would like to deviate to a topic that has been plaguing me lately... Forgiveness!! Now you all know of my recent arrest (can you even call it that... it's not like I went to jail) but my family is having a very difficult time dealing with this. I mean I always knew that I would be arrested someday and it should not have come as a surprise to anybody. I was not very subtle when it came to hiding the fact that I was very much for recreational drug use. Still... they cannot forgive me...they have disowned me... my father refuses to speak to me. The reality is beginning to sink in.
I have no family!!
It's a tough pill to swallow, but all I can think about (in between periods of remorse for the loss of my father) is that I do not regret a single thing. I made a mistake... but I forgive myself and I still love myself.
I am obviously aware that it has only been four days and it takes time to come to terms with something like this but I feel like disowning me was quite the drastic measure :)
My father also decided to share with my mother this little gem about his feelings on the subject...I was fine with it when I thought she was drinking... Um HELLO... Drinking and driving is WAY WORSE then sitting in a car listening to Shpongle while smoking a joint...FACT... The former can cause death the latter euphoria...HMMM which is worse?? That may be the dumbest thing I have ever heard...Just saying,,,
Anyway...sorry about the rambling... I guess I'm still having trouble dealing with the loss of my family.

BACK TO WTW!! (I have decided that an acronym would be appropriate)

Badass Hippie

This first outfit is definitely something I would wear to go out. I can definitely see myself rocking out to karaoke at the cat and fiddle (Awesome bar)  in this ensemble. I would be the hottest thing there if I showed up wearing this. Seriously I actually love everything about it... It is totally a badass hippie ensemble :)

Office Hippie

This is definitely something I would wear to the office. A huge maxi dress with a blazer. Pretty much a win all around. I really need to wear bright colors to the office because I am usually so freaking bored and blah with everything work related...
With all of the dresses and skirts that I put up here it is going to be very difficult for me to come up with outfits once winter hits :)

So that wraps up another WTW :)

What did you think??

Remember to always love and forgive yourself! Mistakes happen so learn your lesson and move on.

Endless Love and Sunshine


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