Thursday, May 26, 2011

Things I love Thursday

Happy Thursday my Lovely Hippies

Welcome to another edition of things I love Thursday... the weekly event where I remember a whole bunch of absolutely delightful things that are in my life.

- I am in love with walking down in the forest beside the river in my town. It is so peaceful and beautiful and honestly looks exactly like the above picture (even though I didn't take the above picture :) I feel so connected with the earth and with nature and with myself. I truly believe that feeling connected to the earth is one of the most important parts of my life. Without that feeling I would be lost.

- The book How to Go Further- A guide to simple organic living. This book is fabulous and it is based on a documentary that I can't wait to see. I won't tell you all about it though because I plan on doing a book review soon.

- Thinking about all of the awesome things I am going to experience this summer. Motion Notion and Shambhala are going to be the highlights and I cannot wait!!

- Finally taking the plunge and signing up for beginners yoga classes. I have always read about all of the amazing benefits of yoga but I always assumed that I was too big to take yoga... also I have pretty much zero flexibility... but that's what yoga is all about. I am very excited :)

Little things that make my light shine

Hula hooping- Shpongle- Planning my weekend- Feeling at peace with my situation- Christy- Buying awesome books for cheap- Looking up Belly dancing classes- Doing readings for myself and for others with my oracle cards (it is scary how helpful they are)- Sunshine- Watching my cat play catch with himself- Incense- Long HOT showers- Surprise phone calls from friends who live far away saying that they are in town.

That's my little list of sunshine on this oh so gloomy day. I will think about it and reread it and remember why I am happy.

What are some things you love??

Love and Earth Magic


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