Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Top Ten...

Happy Tuesday My Darlings!!!

Today I decided that I really wanted to get out of my head and think about something awesome...so today's post is dedicated to my top ten countries to visit. I decided to be very general and stick to countries instead of specific cities and monuments...I'll save that for a later post.

This will definitely be a post loaded with tons of pictures... most found off of google but still... PICTURES GALORE

10. SWITZERLAND... Not only is Switzerland just a physical marvel full of beauty it also has very liberal weed laws :)

9. BRAZIL... I would love to party it up in Brazil... I think it would also be a great place to relax on the beach... But mainly to party :)

8. ARGENTINA... I can't wait to hit up Argentina. I don't know why but I am extremely drawn to the country and feel like I will hit a spiritual milestone if I ever end up there.

7. NORWAY...Yes I know that many people believe that Norway is very similar to Switzerland but ever since I was a little girl and first read Boy by Roald Dahl I have wanted to go to Norway. It just has to happen :)

6. ECUADOR... I want to tour all over Ecuador. There are so many landmarks and such an amazing cultural diversity that I cannot wait to see.

5. INDIA... Who wouldn't want to go to the bustling magical world that is India. I know quite a few people who are afraid to travel there due to the extreme poverty but I am not one of those people. There is nothing more beautiful then seeing how people in those types of situations live their lives.

4. SOUTH AFRICA... I honestly cannot explain why I am so drawn to South Africa. It has been in my very dreams. I lust for South Africa... enough said.

3. KENYA... Who wouldn't want to safari threw Kenya... Yeah I can't think of anyone either :)

2. EGYPT... There is just something about Egypt that makes my heart soar. The history, the beauty, the pyramids. THE HISTORY!!! I just want to immerse myself in the history of Egypt!!

I truly believe that I belong in Iceland. All I have to do is look at a picture and I instantly feel like I am home. One day I will go there... and hopefully never come back :)

Can you tell that I have a thing for nature... and water... and volcanoes...lol

I can't wait to experience these amazing places for myself.

Do any of these places interest you guys??

Love and Travel


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