Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wishful Thinking Wednesday!!

Ola beautifuls!!!

Today I bring you another edition of Wishful thinking Wednesday!! Yay!! I wasn't sure if I wanted to make these a regular thing but I didn't do one last week and I felt sad about it later. So it is official I love this and it will be a regular thing on this blog :)

Love it

Once again I have a couple looks that work in the summer and both would work in the office and out of the office. I know neither of these looks seem very "hippiesque" but they both have elements of hippie and they are both at the level of professional that they would totally work at my office. So I definitely need to start shopping for looks like the ones I create here.


I know that me posting all of these fabulous outfits is not going to all of a sudden turn me into someone with style. First and foremost I have to focus on myself, loving myself and taking care of myself and doing what I can to live the kind of lifestyle that is meant for me. There is no point in going out and spending a fortune on awesome hippie clothing if I am going to hide myself and think that I look fat in these clothes. No more...I am a beautiful hippie goddess and I will wear what I want to and I will feel beautiful while wearing it.

We are all beautiful and it is high (heehee...high) time that we all started to act like it.

What do you think?? About beauty and about the outfits??

Peace and Sunsets


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