Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stupid Blogger :(

Happy Tuesday My Gorgeous Hippie Goddesses!!

I was hoping to have this post up yesterday but Blogger was being a bitch. Yep I said it!!

This past weekend was pretty much just like any other weekend only I didn't get drunk... which is probably a good thing because I happened to go through two check stops on Saturday night. I pretty much can't get drunk until next weekend... It's May Long... Which means booze, weed, and CAMPING!! I am in love with camping. I feel so connected with the earth when I get to spend an extended amount of time outside.
So today I decided that I would post about my camping essentials.


- A tent with at least two tarps. Rain is awesome until it soaks everything that I brought with me... then it makes me cry ;)
- An air mattress, a foamie, a sleeping bag, and a couple extra blankets
- Clothes for cold nights and for hot days
- BOOZE... For me camping is a beer and a fire... that's just the way it is.
- WEED... Yep... I'm a stoner hippie who loves my weed.
- An ipod with portable speakers and plenty of batteries... it's hard to party without music.
- MORE WEED... Lol
- A few outdoor games like bacchi ball or even just a baseball glove and ball to play catch.
- Awesome campfire foods like smores and hot dogs and Bugles (which are my favorite camping snack...I only eat them when I camp and I still act like a six year old and pretend I have claws when they are on my finger tips.)
- A cooler to store all of your food and drinks in.
- Don't forget personal hygiene... just because you are out in the bush doesn't mean you can't brush your teeth :)
- Good friends!!! Life is a party...so live it up!!!

Remember camping is so much fun but that doesn't excuse unsafe behaviour... take care of yourself and have a great time!!

P.S. Because of the weird glitches with  Blogger the fonts saved weird... that is why they are different. Hopefully I can figure out a way to prevent this in the future :)

Endless Love and Sunshine



  1. I love this post. Im totally in love with camping and im a huge stoner as well!! You pretty much covered everything anyone would need to camp. I love the hygiene part. The fact that you mentioned brushing your teeth but not showering is awesome. haha i feel like if you camping for the weekend u DONT NEED TO SHOWER. I will not go camping with someone that is going to bitch the whole time cuz they need a shower. Get over it already right. Anyone can last 2-3 days without a shower and be totally ok.

    Well thanks for the read :)

  2. Awww... Thank you!!
    I'm definitely with you on the showering... I mean really?? there is no need to be a huge priss when it comes to camping, and if I were a dude I would hate a chick like that.
    I love stoners :)