Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wishful Thinking Wednesday!!

It was Sunday and I went walking down in the forest by the river that runs through my town with Christy when we decided to talk about how we wish that we could dress everyday without any judgement. This is definitely food for thought because right now I don't have any style. I don't dress the way that I really want to in part because of lack of funds, but it is mainly the fact that I am overweight and what small amount of self confidence that I have would be completely shot if anybody made fun of me. Of course I would laugh and brush it off at that time but it would crush me inside. I work in a very judgemental environment and it would just be a cause of anguish for me to appear different. :(
I know that being overweight is not the actual cause of any of my problems. It is my lack of self love. I should be able to look in the mirror and say you know what... you are beautiful! you should dress EXACTLY how you want to today, and you should love it. Go get em gorgeous. That is definitely easier to say now then to actually say when I'm staring at my own reflection.
I've struggled. I've been in pain and depressed and lonely. The only way to get through it is to believe that you are good enough. That is what I am going to do. I'm going to live life for me and I am going to focus on being the best me that I can.
I've put together some outfits on Polyvore of two summer outfits, one for work and one for play. Both are a combination of Rocker Bombshell and Hippie. My hair and make up and bags will definitely reflect the hippie vibe if I were to ever wear either of these outfits. If I am going to truly let my inner hippie shine I can no longer be afraid to show the world who I really am. Starting off slow with outfits like these would be the perfect beginning of outright hippiness!!

Bombshell hippie

Rocker Hippie

What do you think??
Not hippie enough??

I don't think that I would ever dress only hippie... I love the idea of mixing and matching. It is more my beliefs and my attitude and my soul that make me a true hippie. I just need a way to express that on the outside.

I wish that life were different. I mean how awesome would it be if everybody woke up in the morning and decided to put on whatever they felt like. You would walk down the street and see someone in a Ramones t-shirt with a sequin tutu, rainbow striped stockings, and hooker heels. And then the next person is full out bombshell chic in a pencil skirt and gorgeous blouse. Everyone could be exactly who they are. That is my dream for this world.

So let's stop wishing and start living. This is the only life we've got right now so we should make the most of it.

P.S. I'm thinking about making this a regular feature where I showcase dream outfits from Polyvore. Maybe in the future I will start posting follow up pictures of me actually wearing outfits that were inspired by these posts... hmmm
If I make it a regular thing I might change the name... Wishes are always possible!!

Love and Daisies



  1. I've always had a bohemian mentality too, some people are just born hippie ;)
    & I've been trying to decide which outfit is the best one but I like them both! Especially the 1st outfit and that skull ring, they look lovely! You should definetely be able to wear those, why not express yourself through clothes? As you mention, this is our only life. If we don't do what we want with it, we never get another chance! I'm sure that you'd look great in those kinds of clothes, no matter what size you are :)
    You seem like you're in the same position as me at the moment...drifting along and trying to make life happen the way you want it to. Without money and connections it isn't easy but we can do it!

    I'm with you hippie girl ;)!

  2. Hey Darling!!

    Thank you for your super sweet Hippie's have to stick together ;)

    I is very difficult to move in the direction that I want to go all by myself without money but as you said WE CAN DO IT.

    Much Love