Friday, May 27, 2011

I Love Myself Today

Happy Friday My Gorgeous Hippie Goddesses!!!

Today is a rainy, gloomy, dark day (here at least). It has been pouring for about 4 days now and is supposed to continue for the next 4 days. All of the towns surrounding mine have been declared local states of emergency and my town is next. The campground and all of the river pathways are shut down due to the flooding and Main Street will be flooded by Saturday. It is CRA-ZAY!!! To me it's not really a surprise because the same thing happened in 2005 (now THAT was a surprise) and 2011 is supposed to be quite a momentous year when it comes to the weather and shit like that not as momentous as 2012 is supposed to be (theoretically).
Even though it is dark and gloomy and raining... I am still a very happy person. I'm at peace with my legal troubles and I am finally taking action. My life will turn out the exact way that it should.

I have been diligently reading Happy Brittany lately and she had mentioned writing up a list of ten things that she loves about herself everyday.
What a brilliant idea. I have been struggling with self love and self acceptance everyday since I moved to Okotoks when I was 11 years old. We are all beautiful and lovely and have so much to offer to the world. It is very easy to become lost in the world of disconnected negativity that we live in.
No More!!! I want to continue along my journey with a love for myself and for the earth emanating from my very soul.


1. I love my taste in literature.
2. I love that I am loyal. I don't give up on anybody ever!
3. I love my sense of humor
4. I love my willingness to learn
5. I love that I am very mellow
6. I love my curly crazy hair
7. I love my grey eyes
8. I love my wanderlust
9. I love the feeling that engulfs me when I am connected with nature
10. I love that I am brave enough to begin to let my inner hippie shine

What are ten things you love about yourself? Don't be shy leave some in the comments... because you are fabulous and deserve to let your love shine!!!

To end today's lovely post I leave you with this inspiration... because Oscar Wilde is the shit (tied with Hunter S. Thompson of course :)

Love and Raindrops


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