Friday, May 13, 2011

Things I Love Thursday... On a Friday lol

Hello Darlings,
Sorry about being absent for the last couple days. I have been moving and don't have internet at my new place yet and our computers crashed at the office so I couldn't update from there... Lame balls... but I am back now and it is time for Things I Love Thursday!! WOOT

- I am SOOOOOOOO FUCKING EXCITED!!!!! Shambhala tickets sold out online yesterday but I bought mine last week!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait until August... man alive I just want to go right now. Not only is Shambhala a kick ass music festival but it is a spiritual and artistic festival as well. I have never been but I already feel like I belong there.

- Sundresses. It took me until last weekend to finally be comfotable enough with my body and myself to wear a dress. I LOVED IT!!! It was so freeing. I cannot say enough good things about wearing dresses.

- Karaoke. I am a karaoke whore. I go two times per week and I absolutely love it. It is very nerve wracking but it really helps people who are struggling with confidence issues. Even though I may not be the best singer in the room there are still plenty of people who will scream and cheer. It can be a very positive experience.

- The song Zombie by The Cranberries. I can pretty much listen to that song on repeat.

- SHPONGLE!!!! OMG I LOVE SHPONGLE!! If you have never listened to the amazing epicness that is Shpongle and you smoke weed then holy crap you need to get on that. Shpongle turns me into a a fucking time traveller. I know that seems like a total hippie stoner thing to say but it is SO true. I really must thank my darling friend Christy for introducing me to the wonders of Shpongle!!

- Tattoo planning. I can't wait to get inked up!!! It is so exciting to me to be able to plan and afford to get tattoos. So yeah... I'll definitely be showing pictures once I finish them.

Little things that make me smile.
Hula Hooping, Warm weather, Sunshine, Smoke breaks, Grilled Ham and Cheese sandwiches, music, Friends, Going out everyday, Krista, Christy, Trucker Dude.

Yep... I am thankful for specific people too.

What are you thankful for??

Love and Sunshine


P.S. I would have posted this yesterday but Blogger was being a bitch :)

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