Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Monday Monday...

Hello Darlings

Whelp it is officially Monday... the start of another dreary work week. How depressing. If any of you are like me you are suppressing your inner hippie to work in some crappy office building that makes you want to slit your own wrists everyday. I am at that point right now. I wake up six days a week and think what illness can I have today so that I don't have to go to work? It is very frustrating because I HAVE to work. I can't afford to live without a steady income happening. So even though I loathe my job with every fibre of my being I know that I won't be able to find a job that will pay as much for part time when I go back to school in September.

I have been working on a list of ways to make work more bearable for us wandering spirits who hate the confines of an office. This list will only be helpful to those of you who have a desk** Sorry to those of you who work in some other environment but I can only write about what I know.

Things to make work less Shitty <3

- When you wake up light a stick of incense, drink a HUGE glass of water, and meditate for even a couple minutes... make sure you do this first thing because it is not only a super relaxing way to start the day but drinking a glass of water upon rising does wonders for your body. Who doesn't like to wake up beautiful??
- Pack up enough food for however many meals that you will be eating at work that day. There is nothing that sucks more then being starving and having to resort to eating shitty food out of the vending machine or going to some fast food restaurant at lunch. Now occasionally both of those are awesome treats but to have to eat them on a regular basis will just make you feel sluggish and depressed. Both of which make having to sit at a desk pretty much unbearable
- Wear something that truly makes you feel like a hippie. If you work in an office with a strict dress code use your accessories to give you that small amount of freedom. My office has a very lax dress code so I can pretty much wear whatever I want... But I still wear the lamest/ ugliest clothing that has ever seen the light of day (I mean I wouldn't end up on that People of Walmart website but I still feeling like an idiot when I look in the mirror in the it's not even me)... but... it is on my to do list to start actually expressing my inner hippie through fashion so that should be pretty sweet.
- I truly believe that wearing undergarments that make you happy is a great foundation for an outfit. It is not about other people seeing them it is about you knowing that they are there. I love my hippie / gypsy awesome patterned lingerie... it makes me happy every time I think about it.

- If you can bring an Ipod dock to work and put it on your desk. That way you can listen to your own music all day everyday. There is nothing that sets the mood better then music. I would honestly die having nothing to listen to all day.
- Bring pictures to put on you desk and as your desktop background. Being constantly reminded of the good times is just the thing I need to get through the day.
- Bring something alive. I would never survive in an office with no windows if I didn't have something green and beautiful to purify the air around me.
- Keep beautiful things or interesting things on your desk. I know it seems lame but I have a Winnie the Pooh mug that I keep all of my pens and highlighters in and I also have a couple Lego figurines that are way to awesome to not keep at work.
- Get to know one or two people at the office that you wouldn't mind talking to at the water cooler or going for the occasional lunch or smoke break with. Being social is one of the many ways to brighten your day. I personally talk to almost everybody in the office...I'm not friends with a great deal of them (actually I am related to a few of them) but one of my best friends in the world sits at the desk next to me. It is awesome and we always have a good time.
- Try and get outside for a couple minutes everyday. Even when it is snowy or hailing or raining... It really connects you with nature and the earth and being so grounded helps you get through the day.

You know what I find also helps... updating your blog while at work. That might not work out for most people though... I don't recommend that unless you have a super laid back boss :)

I hope these tips and tricks make your days a bit better.

We will get through this and move on to being the awesome ass hippie goddesses that we are.

Love and Raindrops



  1. Wow are you reading my mind. The last couple weeks i have been feeling the same way about work that u just wrote about. The reason why i feel like slitting my throat everyday before work is because i sit at work with absolutely NOTHING to do for 8 hours a day 5 days a week. The thing is, i get paid awesome money to read a book, chat and play games online and go on facebook. So why am i complaining? People dont realize how hard it is to be at a desk in front of a computer all day with no work to do for weeks on end. Im not aloud to ask to leave early or anthing like that either. So if they want to pay me good money to do nothing then thats on them. But it still sux really bad. Being bored puts you or atleast it puts me in a real shitty mood. I try to not let that happen but u can only read and play on the internet so much right?

    I really like your tips though. Definately going to have to try some of them. See if it changes my outlook on my boring ass job.

    Side note: I love what you write about and i love the green trees as your background but i jus wanted to say it makes it really hard to read what you write with the white text. I hope that doesnt offend you i just thought i would put it out there.

    Keep up the good words!!!

  2. Yep... most people definitely don't realize that it is so hard to come to work when you don't actually work while you are there. I find that I really enjoy updating my blog from here though.

    Definitely no offense taken... I am glad you said something. I have been wondering if that was the case... I'll look into a change :)

    Much Love!!

  3. The change is perfect!!! Great job.