Friday, May 20, 2011

No Turn Un-Stoned

Happy Friday!!!

I was hoping to have this awesome post today but work was INSANE.... so you get my ramblings instead :)
I'm sure I'll think up something awesome tonight during my high hula hooping.

I don't know about you but I am SO READY for the weekend. Yes my weekend doesn't start until noon tomorrow but still... IT IS FRIDAY... IT IS A LONG WEEKEND (in Canada) and I am going to have a great time even though my fucking camping plans were cancelled... GRRR
I was supposed to go out to BC with a whole bunch of people to drink and party for the whole weekend... now I have to work. It's cool though because I have already pretty much booked up my entire weekend with things to do in and around Calgary...Cause that's how I roll...

I feel that it is very important to have a social life. I honestly don't even understand people who go home every night after work and watch T.V. all night every night and then on the weekends they stay at home and watch T.V. or play video games. I could never live my life that way. My home is pretty much a place that I use to sleep, shower, and store all of my shit. I go out and do something every day... yes I know that this may seems completely impractical to numerous people BUT I am 22 years old and still in the  "go go go" phase of my life.

Am I alone in this?? Or are there others out there who also go out and are very social everyday??

I hope you all have a fabulous hippie weekend...

Love and Sunny Skies


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