Friday, May 6, 2011

It's Friday!!

Happy Friday Lovelies!!

I don't know exactly how to say this... but wow I think this is it. This is the blog that I have been waiting to start. All of my previous attempts have been completely wrong for me. First I started a blog that was just going to be for when I wanted to write something. A poem or a story but it didn't really have any true depth and it really didn't resonate with me. My second blog was going to be a fashion blog as an attempt to not look like a fat slob anymore. Unfortunately it really didn't jive with how I feel I should be perceived. I do want to have a fashion and beauty element on this blog in the future but now I have a goal and know how I should dress to convey who I am...before it was all about dressing the way that other fashion bloggers dress, which for the most part is not for me.
THIS IS IT!!! I truly feel like this blog will become a portal, it will help me showcase who I really am, it will help me tell about my journey from scared, fat, hidden hippie to glorious, earth child, goddess hippie. I want people to read this blog and either be mildly entertained, crazy inspired, or just something that makes them think.
It has only been one week and this blog already means quite a bit to me. I'm planning out my posts in advance and spend quite a bit of time deciding what I should write about. Not only do I want what I put on this blog to matter to me but I want it to matter to those who read it. However I'm still going to focus pre-dominently on what I want :) Because this is my blog and I am selfish haha.

Yeah... that's all I wanted to say today. I am going to think up something awesome for next Friday and maybe it will become a regular thing. I don't want to do the same things everyday of the week so maybe on Friday's I'll mix it up.

Love and Rainbows


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