Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hiatus... obviously...

Alright my lovelies... I have been (and plan to continue) taking a little blogging break. The main reason behind this is that this blog has no direction or real purpose. I haven't been properly invested in it and have not been taking enough pictures to have any form of blog content. I do plan on returning to some form of blogging schedule once December hits... I just need the month to plan out what I actually want to accomplish and get in the habit of taking more pictures everyday.

So until I return... This is what I have been up to lately...

- NEW TATTOO!! Isn't it fabulous! If I ever see it replicated I will HUNT YOU DOWN lol

- New purchase... I finally own a pair of Minnetonka moccasins!!

- New pictures... I am excited to finish the second one. It is for my sisters b-day!

So until next time...
Much Love


1 comment:

  1. great tattoo!!
    I invite you to follow my blog on, hope that you like it.
    xoxo Marika