Thursday, May 3, 2012

I can't believe it's Thursday...

Hola Beautiful Hippie Goddesses!!

I feel a restlessness stirring inside me.
It started in the darkened corners of my mind
And has slowly been expanding
And morphing into a feeling that I can no longer ignore.
I want to explore
And learn
And have beautiful adventures out in the world.
I want to sit with my feet in the ocean
And the sun shining down on my skin.
I want to traverse rough and rocky terrain
Until I come across some hidden glen.
I want to climb trees
And mountains
And waterfalls.
I want to swim in lakes and rivers
I want to skip stones on little creeks
And canoe across still lagoons.
I want to kayak up the Alaskan coast
I want to leap
And dance
Through sunlit meadows.
I want to watch the sun rise
And set
From a mountain top.
I want to walk barefoot
Along forest paths.
Gently greeting
Every plant and animal I come across.
I want to bathe in hot springs
and meditate in the rain forest.
I want to picnic on secluded islands
and dream in hammocks.
I want to ride a camel across the desert.
I want to safari across the beautiful plains of Africa.
I need this restlessness to leave me in peace.
I need to let myself be wild
And free.
I need to let go of the fear.
I need
To be me!

 Pictures found here

Much Love



  1. those photos are fantastic! So beautiful! Great eye candy for a Friday morning!


  2. That's beautiful. And I agree with everyone you said.


    1. Thank you... it does sound like a perfect way to live doesn't it :)

      If only!